.09% BAC DUI Reduced to Wet Reckless – Fullerton Court
.14% BAC DUI Dismissed – Harbor Court
.10% BAC DUI Reduced to Wet Reckless – Westminster Court
.17% BAC DUI Dismissed – Santa Ana Court
Suspended License Dismissed – Fullerton Court
“The best lawyer I have ever dealt with. Nice and communicative, Hart Levin has solved my problem in the blik of an eye, and has submitted the results to me by e-mail. Very flexible, and at a reasonable price. I highly recommend him.”
Olga L., Yelp Review
“Hart Levin is who I refer all my clients to. This guy is not only upfront and honest…he truly knows what he is doing. When you need legal advice this is your man…hands down! Thank you Hart!”
Todd B., Yelp Review
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Amanda H., Yelp Review
“There are not enough stars to show how much I appreciate what he did, and I highly recommend him to anyone in Southern California.”
Paul T., Yelp Review

Mission Statement:

hTop-Notch Representation When You Need It Most. When your freedom, job and driving privileges are on the line, you deserve aggressive and battle-tested DUI attorneys who will fight tirelessly to protect you. At the Law Offices of Hart J. Levin, we are highly-skilled, experienced and respected DUI attorneys in the OC. As former district attorneys, we use our vast DUI expertise and strong relationships with district attorneys and judges to get fantastic results. We pride ourselves on being open and honest with clients about what to expect and the results we can deliver.  Our approach is to handhold our clients through each step of the process ensuring their comfort and understanding of the DUI court process.  With several locations throughout Southern California we offer a convenient way to meet with and speak to clients about their case and how we can help. We are Orange County’s premiere DUI defense firm because do not lose sight of what counts most – our Client’s freedom and peace of mind.

DUI Lawyers in Orange County, CA

The Best Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys in the OC

OC Dui lawyerAs former district attorneys we provide top-notch DUI defense in all Orange County courts, including Fullerton, Westminster, Harbor (Newport) and Santa Ana. At the Levin Law Group we specialize in defending complex DUI matters ranging from serious felonies to misdemeanor DUIs or “drunk driving” cases.

After years of successfully defending many high profile DUI cases we’ve earned a reputation as being aggressive and effective trial attorneys who go the extra mile to deliver outstanding results for our clients. As former prosecutors we have a unique perspective into the inner-workings of the DA’s office and utilize that experience to target specific weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

What separates us from other firms, aside from our experience as former district attorneys, is the way we interact with clients. We hear from many people who are looking for an Orange County DUI lawyer that most of the attorneys they speak to sound like used car salesman, pressuring them into a quick sale. We give each potential client an upfront and honest assessment of their case and make it a point to never overpromise and under-deliver. We believe that a great law firm is built one case at a time by delivering great results for each client. And that is why we have been selected as “Super Lawyer & Rising Star 2014”, and Avvo Client’s Choice Winner 2012, 2013 & 2014.

Being charged with drunk driving or DUI in Orange County is a frightening experience. Orange County courts are notoriously tough on drivers charged with DUI. Along with Ventura County, Orange County courts are considered some of the harshest in California. Suffering a DUI conviction in any of the Orange County courts can lead to severe and life-altering consequences including prison or jail, massive fines, probation, years of rehabilitation and classes, and several other burdensome punishments. Aside from the huge punishments levied by the Orange County courts, the California DMV hands down its own punishment in the form of a license suspension.

The length of the suspension of the California Driver’s License can range from four months to a lifetime ban on driving. The DMV is time-sensitive and must be dealt with immediately to avoid an automatic suspension. At the Levin Law Group we immediately contact the DMV on your behalf to formally demand an APS (Administrative Per Se) Hearing, a Stay of Suspension, and a discovery request. We promptly notify the DMV that we are defending you in the DUI case and not to suspend your license until we have challenged the DMV in an APS hearing. We demand a stay of suspension, ensuring your ability to drive until the DMV has rendered a final ruling after the APS hearing. We hunt for all discovery and police reports from the DMV and use a fine-tooth comb to look for inconsistencies and problems with the State’s case.

If you or a loved one is facing drunk driving or DUI charges in any Orange County court, call us anytime for a free case evaluation.  We here 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.  Being charged with a DUI in Orange County does not mean you need to suffer a DUI conviction.  Contact Orange County’s top DUI team to mount the best defense in your Orange County DUI case and to ensure you get the best possible outcome when you need it most.  

Orange County DUI Lawyer

We provide unparalleled expertise in DUI / Drunk Driving cases due to our extensive training and experience as LA prosecutors. We build your defense by identifying and targeting specific vulnerabilities in the prosecutor’s case, and aggressively attacking them. We handle each part of your DUI case so you don’t have to. California is extremely harsh on people arrested for DUI / Drunk Driving. DUI / Drunk Driving penalties include significant jail time, massive fines, lengthy and expensive DUI/alcohol classes, community labor, ignition interlock device, vehicle impound, and much more. DUI / Drunk Driving convictions can also permanently tarnish your criminal record and DMV record, making finding employment difficult, and getting insured very costly. It is vital to seek help for your DUI immediately to ensure a proper DMV hearing so the DMV does not automatically suspend your license. Don’t risk your career, freedom, and future by hiring a “good” DUI attorney. Hire the best.

Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer

We aggressively and effectively defend clients throughout Southern California on all types of felony and misdemeanor criminal charges, including homicide, sex offenses, domestic violence, drug crimes including drug sales and possession, DUI / DWI and all related traffic offenses, hit and run, accidents, three strikes, manslaughter, fraud and forgery, assault and battery, criminal threats, gang crimes, weapons crimes, juvenile offenses, theft offenses including robbery and shop lifting, internet crimes, expungements, probation violations, and all other violent felonies. We are known throughout local courts by prosecutors and judges for our criminal defense expertise, experience, and history of notable victories in handling these complex criminal cases. We have on-site investigators who will work quickly and effectively to gather vital evidence for your case to help establish your defense. Call now to get the best possible representation in your corner when you need it most.

What You Need to Know Now

Orange County courts are known to be extremely harsh on DUI offenders, whether they be first, second or third time offenses. In the words of one Orange County deputy district attorney, “We are the harshest because most of us live locally here in Orange County and want safe streets. Where would you rather live?” That attitude is evident in every interaction with the Orange County prosecutors who typically refuse to negotiate at all on DUI or drunk driving offenses. We fight every Orange County DUI by aggressively attacking the evidence in the case, challenging every aspect of the police report, checking the background of police officers who are suspected of dishonesty or misconduct, and challenging the reason why the police initiated contact with the suspected DUI driver. Just as important, we maintain strong working relationships with prosecutors and judges in the Fullerton court, Harbor Justice Center, Santa Ana Justice Center, and the Westminster Court, because we believe that earning the trust and respect of our colleagues benefits our clients and the treatment they receive from the court system. We specialize in fighting DUI cases in all Orange County courts and use our knowledge of each court’s judges and prosecutors, knowing which courts and judges are most favorable to our clients. Keep in mind when arrested in Orange County for DUI, you will also have to face the Orange Driver’s Safety Office, who would like nothing more than to suspend your license with a rubber stamp. It is critical that we reach out to the DMV immediately after your arrest to ensure your ability to keep your license as well as contesting every single part of the case with the DMV. We have a team of people who are dedicated to the most aggressive and effective defense available. We work with the top experts in the fields, the most qualified investigators and laboratories, and go the extra mile to get the best possible result for each client. See what our very happy clients have to say about us!