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In Orange County, the gravity of all DUI cases is well-known, yet those involving bodily injury take on a heightened severity, potentially resulting in lengthy prison sentences and various other penalties.

The emphasis on DUI cases stems from the collective effort to prevent injuries and fatalities. When a DUI defendant is accused of causing bodily injury while driving under the influence, law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges closely scrutinize the case. Securing the services of the top DUI defense lawyer in Orange County is imperative to safeguard your freedom and livelihood. With years of experience, the Law Office of Hart J. Levin will always take a personalized approach to fighting for your case.

Ramifications of a DUI with Bodily Injury in Orange County

Criminal charges in Orange County are typically classified as misdemeanors or felonies. However, certain offenses, termed “wobblers,” may be charged as either, based on the prosecutor’s assessment of the circumstances and the injury’s severity.

If charged as a misdemeanor, penalties may include:

– Minimum 5 days to a year in jail
– Fines up to $20,000
– Driver’s license suspension for up to 3 years
– Formal or informal probation for three to five years
– Completion of the full Orange County DUI School program
– Payment of full restitution to each injured victim
– Criminal conviction on record

Should the prosecutor opt for a felony charge, the penalties become more severe:

– Up to 10+ years in state prison
– Fines of up to $20,000
– Possible lifetime driver’s license suspension
– One strike under Orange County’s 3 Strike Law (if great bodily injury occurred)
– Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) status for 3+ years
– Up to 30 months in DUI school
– Payment of full restitution to each victim
– Criminal conviction on record

Collateral Consequences of DUI with Bodily Injury Conviction

The repercussions of a DUI with Bodily Injury charge in Orange County extend beyond the courtroom, affecting one’s life for years. Reacquiring a driver’s license after a prolonged suspension period can make obtaining insurance a daunting task, with premiums potentially skyrocketing. For the average person, insurance costs may increase by an average of 94% following any DUI, with bodily injury cases incurring even higher expenses.

Personal Consequences of Orange County DUI with Bodily Injury

Criminal convictions have far-reaching effects, impacting various aspects of life. Employment-related driving, family obligations, and social relationships may all be strained. DUI cases, particularly those involving serious injuries, bring about societal stigma, leading to shame, disappointment, financial burdens, and social isolation.

Robust Defenses against a Orange County DUI with Bodily Injury Charge

Engaging the services of an adept DUI defense lawyer is crucial, especially for cases involving bodily injury. The Law Offices of Hart J. Levin, led by a top-ranked DUI defense lawyer, specializes in such cases, boasting an unparalleled success rate. Our commitment to excellence and the delivery of optimal results sets us apart in the field of DUI defense, providing clients with a reliable and effective ally in the face of legal challenges.

Defenses to DUI with Bodily Injury in Orange County

Experienced DUI defense lawyers recognize that the state must present evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. Elements required to prove a DUI with Bodily Injury charge include:

1. The defendant drove a motor vehicle, even if only slightly moving.

2. a) The defendant was under the influence to the extent of impairing physical or mental abilities.
b) The driver’s blood or breath alcohol content was 0.08 or higher.

3. The driver committed an unlawful act or neglected a legal duty while driving.

4. The driver’s actions caused an injury to another person.

Challenging the prosecution’s evidence on any of these elements can prevent a conviction. Factors such as reasonable suspicion, field sobriety test administration, weather conditions, and medical conditions are scrutinized in our DUI defense.

Additionally, the state must prove the existence and severity of the injury, and that the driver committed an unlawful act or failed to perform a legal duty. Thorough investigation, including scrutinizing medical records, is vital to assess the legitimacy of claimed injuries and gather evidence.

Contact Our Skilled DUI with Injury Attorneys in Orange County

Whether facing misdemeanor or felony charges, a DUI with bodily injury is a serious matter in Orange County, carrying the potential for imprisonment, lengthy license suspension, and enduring emotional distress. Contacting the best DUI defense lawyer in Orange County, Attorney Hart J. Levin, ensures representation by a highly experienced and successful defense specialist for you and your family.

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