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Van Nuys Court – Felony DUI dismissed at arraignment
East LA Court – Third time DUI with no jail time for Client
Ventura Court – Criminal Threats Felony Dismissed in

Torrance court – Government agent charged with DUI with a .14% BAC. We filed a motion to supress the evidence and successfully had the case dismissed. Charges dropped and driver’s license reinstated.

Torrance court – 22 Year old male charged with Three Strikes, 3 counts of Assault with a Gun upon Police Officers. Facing life in prison, we successfully negotiated a case settlement with only 5 days in jail, anger management classes and AA meetings.

Metro Court – .15% BAC DUI dismissed due to insufficient evidence

Airport Court – 25 Year old male charged with 5 counts of burglary. All felony charges dropped. Defendant received only a misdemeanor with community service.

Airport Court – Defendant charged with robbery. Robbery count dismissed. Client only received a misdemeanor with community labor.

Van Nuys Court – Client, while on probation for first DUI, receives a second DUI causing an accident. BAC level of .24%. Client receives no jail time, only alcohol classes.

Compton Court – Client, with prior strike conviction, picks up drug sales charge. Offer from DA was prison. We successfully negotiated the case and Client received only drug treatment. All other charges dropped and not a single day of jail served.

Van Nuys Court – Client sold drugs on Craigslist to undercover agent. Client receives 90 days of drug treatment.

Airport Court – Client’s house burned down after child was left alone in home while parent ran an errand. Child uninjured but parent arrested for child endangerment. Case dismissed in court.

Catalina Court – Battery case outside of club. Using self-defense claim, we got the case dismissed.

Fullerton Court – Client received a 3rd DUI while on probation for 2nd DUI. BAC of .22%. Client receives no jail time, only alcohol treatment.

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